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31 May 2009 @ 01:09 pm
Round 4: Challenge 7: Voting!  
Round 4: Challenge 7: Voting can start! Good luck everyone!

+ You must vote for a total of 2 icons
+ Vote for 1 lesser icon and 1 favorite icon.
+ Look at each icon closely.
+ You have to submit a reason for your votes.
+ Your votes must be based on the quality of the icon, not your personal taste.
+ Votes like: 'I don't like this style', 'coloring is not pretty' won't be accepted, because those are personal reasons.
+ Votes should be like this : 'The icon is blurry', 'Coloring is too bright', etc.
+ Participants MUST vote.
+ Participants may not vote for themselves.
+ be fair with voting! :)
+ good luck everyone!

Vote in this form:

01 02 03 04