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Hayden Panettiere : Last Icon Maker Standing Community

Welcome to haydenp_lims. This is a Last Icon Maker Standing community dedicated to Hayden panettiere, she's als known as Claire from Heroes. Your moderator is xtess

* You should be a member to be able to participate.
* The icons you make should fit LJ standards ( 100*100 px, .png/.jpg/.gif)
* Every challenge you must vote for Lesser quality icons and for better quality icons. The participant who has the most negative votes will be eliminated. (positive votes make up for the negative votes)
* When voting you must sumbit a reason, a reason concerning the quality of the icon, you can't give personal reason. I also highly encourage you to give specific reason ( for example not just: too blurry, but instead you can say: the icon needs more sharpening because I can hardly see what's in the icon )
* Participants must vote.
* Every challenge there will be a People's choice and Mod's choice. They will be rewarded with a banner.
* When we are down to 3 participants, it's time for final round. Then we can decide who is the Last Icon Maker Standing.
* Every participant has one skip, that means that when you're not able to enter an icon you're skipping that challenge.
* Everyone can earn one more skip by promoting the community
* You can sign up, here


Round 1:
1. imaginary_lives
2. herm_weasley
3. elena_vlc_15

Round 2:
1. starrynyc
2. good_memories
3. imaginary_lives

Round 3:
1. imaginary_lives
2. dance_the_dance
3. good_memories


duo_lims, color_rumble, avrillims, kristenlims, tisdale_lims, claire_lims and panettierelims

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